Wheel-to-Wheel Course

Our circle track events always attract a crowd, and understandably so. The competition is tense and the action is non stop as the track is used for various classes of vehicles from dune buggies to BAJA inspired trucks, to ATV’s and motocross bikes. Spectators get a wide and elevated view of the entire course directly across from the start/finish line. Great event for the whole family to come and see as these modified vehicles take to the air, spin out and sometimes even roll over.

O.O.R.A. Racing Info Overview

The wheel to wheel racing is put on by the Ontario Off Road Racing Association ( O.O.R.A.) Each event consists of 4 races per class per weekend. ( 1 qualifier and 1 final each day)

O.O.R.A. memberships ar $50 for the season
Entry fees are $35 per class, per weekend
100 % payback, plus promoter monies if applicable
Tech is open from 8am til 11am Saturday and Sunday( if new cars come)

O.O.R.A. consists of different classes listed below. These are the most common classes, feel free to check out www.oora.ca or O.O.R.A talk online on facebook for ALL class rules.

Class 1-2 1600

Class 1-2 1600 — Challenger Class

  • 1600cc VW Air cooled Engine
  • 80 HP
  • stock wheel width
  • VW Bus transmission

Class 7

Class 7– Mod Lites

  • Modified mini truck class
  • 4 cylinder

Ultra 4's

Ultra 4’s

Considered the Swiss Army knife of the off road world, the unlimited Ultra 4’s can handle the high speed in the dirt as well as tackle unbelievable obstacles in the rocks.

  • Rock Crawlers

Class 10

Class 10– Super Buggy

  • 200 HP class
  • Unlimited suspension

Class 4

Class 4– Heavy Metal

  • Unlimited full size truck class