4WD Challenge

4WD Obstacle Course Challenge Cancelled for the 2015 Season.

This is an event to test your off road skills whether you have a stock 4×4, modified 4×4 or a fully customized 4×4 buggy. One driver and one spotter will traverse the course while trying to avoid hitting as many flags as possible. These flags will mark the boundaries of the course and test the skills of both driver and spotter. There are penalties for back ups and time is a factor this year with every 10 seconds adding time to the clock. The competitor with the lowest score wins! Event runs Saturday only!

Classes are based on tire size.

CLASS - 32in and under

 We have created a fun and challenging course for all you off roaders that have not gone crazy with modifications yet, this will give you a chance to compete with vehicles of similar characteristics. There is some mud, some challenging off-camber hills, tight turns, some easy rocks and blind climbs. The goal is for 90% of the trucks in this class to be able to complete the whole course. What will separate the pack is those who know their vehicles well will be able to miss the most flags and not take the backups, of course doing this as quick as you can will present a bit of difficulty. But to make things more interesting when you finish the main course you will have an opportunity  to try a bonus obstacle (or maybe 2) with one of them being a moderate path across the rock garden or see to how deep the mud really is in that big hole. The advantage to these will be a substantial negative point bonus possibly enough to put you in the lead, but beware because if you have to be extricated from the bonus obstacle you get no points for it and the clock is still ticking.

CLASS - 33-37in

This will be an interesting class to watch as bigger tires do not always win against somebody who knows their vehicle. This class is not about just challenging you a little bit, rather it’s about what you can do with these modifications you have on your truck. Were they worth the money? Or is it time to do that upgrade you have been thinking about? It is going to push your vehicle to it’s limits without being insane as what really matters here is not ridiculous climbs but about some obstacles that are not only tricky to accomplish but really require the attention to detail that will keep you inside those pesky flags. You will have to go through the rock garden but the cones will be your options and of course how deep your axles will go before they find bottom in the mud hole. Oh yeah and tick-tock that clock is adding up points.

CLASS - 38in and up

 Ok hold on to your hats, we are going to make this a fun ride. We will try to bring as much pucker factor as possible that even the spectators will be clenching their cheeks. Our goal will be to make sure that if these trucks are level for more than 3 seconds it is because they are broken. I am just saying that it will be up, down, sideways and around and old man time will not be waiting for you so putting along is not going to cut it. Oh and watch out for those flags because they will seem to be fitting you like a tight pair of jeans on Saturday night. We will work that rock garden the best we can but since we won’t have as many new rocks as hoped for by this event we will just have to wait until July when we amp that part up.


  • All competitors must be at least 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license to participate.
  • No alcohol or drugs permitted. This policy will be strictly enforced and presence of alcohol or drugs will automatically disqualify the driver and vehicle from competition.
  • In the event of disqualification of vehicle, no refunds will be allowed.
  • Vehicle batteries and fuel tanks must be securely fasten to the vehicle with proper hold downs to prevent it from coming loose in the event of an accident -no straps, bungee cords etc. allowed.
  • Seat belts must me made of proper seatbelt cloth material. No steel cables. Seat belts must be worn at all times the vehicle is in motion
  • Helmets must be worn by all competitors and passengers any time the vehicle is in motion.
  • All vehicles must have working and adequate brake systems.
  • Drivers must attend drivers meeting each day or they are not qualified to run as per insurance regulations.
  • Trucks must pass technical inspection which includes working brakes, seat belts, rollover protection, proper tie down of batteries and fuel tanks and ignition kill switch within reach of driver when wearing seat belt.